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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

It's Purple.

Here's a little update on my studio.  The painting in the main room is DONE.  Done, done, done.  So I moved my things out to the entry room to paint there, while my husband moved his stuff in to my studio to work on the floors.  Oooh my beautiful floors!  : )

studio to the left, entry room to the right

I think it doesn't look bad at all considering there are no artificial lights on in the studio for this photo. 

Are you eyeballing that wall?  That pink wall?  It's not pink.  It's purple.  It's soft crocus purple.  Lilac like.  Actually, the paint chip was called, "Goddess."  That pretty much sold me on it.  I wanted something light so the room wouldn't darken.  I wanted something coloured so the walls wouldn't look stark.  I wanted something that would look food with dark coffee brown.  I wanted a colour that my art wouldn't disappear on (so I opted out of green for that reason). 

It's a colour that is no where else in the house.  In fact, it's a colour from the opposite end of the coulourwheel from most of the walls in my house.  I like it.  When I walk in here, I walk into a different space completely. 

Different energy.  

Different headspace.  

I actually don't like showing this wall colour off.  I'm having a love/hate thing going on with it.  I like the way it makes me feel, but I don't like the way it looks.  It's hard to explain.  I suppose it will only be a backdrop for other things.  It is very clearing and relaxing.  It's not stimulating like chartreuse would have been.  Trust me - all my stash will colour and clutter up the room with eyecandy, so I think this is enough.  It isn't earthy though.  But since it's just one wall, it will take an hour to change it if I find something I like better.  Good gosh - what a lot of time spent contemplating a wall.  I mean seriously!!

Other than that, I'm waiting on a few more images to approve for the show in January.  September is my deadline.  It's been an interesting ride.  It's taken a different path than I had expected.  It's all very feminine.  Well, all the fibre artists are women.  That's not surprising, but I think nearly all the pieces really show a feminine flair to them.  Now I need to come up with a name for the show.  Hmm... maybe it'll come to me in a dream.  : )

Linking to WIP Wednesday at The Needle & Thread Network.  See you next time!  We're off to the lake before school starts!!

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Sunday Snapshots


Late August... oh it's beautiful and so bountiful.

I took one of my kids on a 'me-and-mom-only' date.  We headed to our favorite place - Cranberry Flats.  This time, we were led down a new trail - completely mesmerized by the change of scenery.

The sage, goldenrod, and blazing stars are bursting out there.  It's gorgeous.  I stood in a massive bed of goldenrods and when I went to stick my nose closer, I noticed more honeybees than I'd ever seen!

They hung on and barely moved.  Sleepy drunk bees?  Gosh they were cute.  I hope they are alright - they really didn't move.

It's amazing.  It's bee heaven.  Incredible.

Blazing Stars at Sundown

Hmmm... there's a good one to stitch for my next commission.  Can you get over over all that purple!? !!  : )   It's fantastic.


Saturday, August 23, 2014

Gonna Give it a Go

In two more weeks, I'll be participating in a 2 day workshop out at Wanuskewin.  WooO!!  It's run by local artist Bobbi Clackson-Walker.  I'm nervous but really looking forward to this.  I'm thinking Ill be the only non painting fibre artist there, but I'm looking forward to building my skills. 

As you know, I go out to sites collecting photos for future reference with my work.  As a fibre artist, I can't really do en plein air with a sewing machine and several trunk fulls of thread.  I want to use the skills that I hope to gain for my fibre art.  I do sketching from photos to art as a way of deciding how to execute particular parts of a scene with thread.  Sketching helps me chose the appropriate stitches.  It also help when I want to rearrange or change the composition. 

sketch to plan a threadpainting from Waneskewin a few years back

However, when it comes to on-site captures with art supplies - that I have never done.  I watched my mother work like this all my life since as far back as I can remember.  She would sit outside with a big coloured paper taped to a board.  Her chalks would fly as she quickly worked out the view before the light and colours changed.  I remember the dust up my nose.  She used soft pastel and worked quite large, rubbing and blending with her fingers and the palm of her hand.  Often she'd take her pieces inside and finish details later in the day.

I don't really know what I'm doing.  I have no particular expectations for outcomes when it comes to finished product, but I plan to bring lots of sketch books for ink and pastel.  We'll see what happens.  I think it will be exciting to capture scenes without my camera.  I'll bring black pens, pencils, and my big tool kit full of pan pastels.  I love my pan pastels.  I've used them a fair bit for sky studies en plein air, but that's as far as I've got.

Gonna give it a go!  I signed up in the spring but the class had already filled so I was waitlisted.  I'm really excited to be trying this out.  I'll blog all about it when the time comes.  ; )

Have a great weekend,

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