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* * * PUBLISHED * * * Stitch (UK) feature article, 'From Sketch to Stitch' Issue #105

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Wednesday, 22 February 2017

New Year, New Commission

I got this commission last year, and just finally got to working on it.  Thanks so much for your patience P.!  :)  She sent me her image of Bog Orchids.  It's quite beautiful, and I could totally envision it in thread.  It would be fairly straightforward, though it certainly involves a LOT of stitching and a good handful of greens as well.  I start as always with the photo up on my monitor and a blank piece of coloured fabric in front of me.

I build back to front generally, using self-guided (free motion) machine stitching.  The ground cover was solid jump stitches, going back and forth.  There were layers and layers of different greens.  It was very repetitive and a smart thing to avoid blinking while doing it. : )  I spent a few afternoons on it before I started adding the flowers themselves.  I go slow and take lots of breaks.  That's how I do my best work.

I always enjoy going through the image with a fine tooth comb.  As I'm looking back and forth stitching it, I notice details that failed to catch my eye when I first looked over the picture.  As it turns out, there's lots of black, yellow-green, and even pinks.  The white Blog Orchid petals themseves were stitched out in a couple of hues.  You might not be able to see, but they weren't all perfect, pure white.

I'm sure there's things I don't always notice.  It's surprising how much we take for granted.  It always drives me batty when people make trees a milk chocolate brown (so very rare) and the shadows on the snow are made grey or black (never happens).  It kind of irks me, but I bite my tongue.  However, next time you are out, look around for chocolate brown trees and you'll see what I mean.  Also, look at the shadows on the snow to see that they indeed have a particular colour. Things are often so much more interesting than you thought they were! :)

So, after a bit more tweaking on the embroidery, my last step will be to trim the piece and finish the edges.  The plan is for this piece to be mounted as an artifact, in a shadow box style frame.  The edges will be exposed and so I'll stitch them up nice and tight like I would on the edges of a postcard.
This is the first piece in 8 years that I have not been asked to frame a commission.  I have my own framing style but they want to match it up to their own space.  I can't wait to see how their framer finished it up!

Happy February,

Tuesday, 21 February 2017

A Needle Pulling Thread - Part 3

ANPT Magazine is on the stands and look!  Here's the third installment of the Artist Review published.

There's a peek at the cover and table of contents page, and here's the feature! : )

I made this piece for the show at Hue's Art Supply last June.  It was the first one to go! : )  Thank you again A Needle Pulling Thread.  This is so very exciting!  I swear, getting published just never gets old.

I'll see what I can do to have a big giveaway to celebrate the 4th installment later this spring.

Thanks for following everyone!! You can also find me on IG under Monika_Kinner.

Monday, 20 February 2017

Sketches, Photos, Stitching - oh my!


I haven't written for so long.  Oh my.  I've been enjoying a lot of sketching as of late.  Thanks to the incredibly inspiring Heidi Hunter, I can proudly announce that I filled an entire sketchbook!  I have started dozens of sketchbooks in my life, but they just never get filled.  I start a new one for fresh inspiration, and then it gets dropped.  This one... I pressed on.  I filled and filled and there you go. Done!  Thank you Heidi : )

Every Friday, I work right in the heart of downtown, the 'concrete jungle'.  I get a nice long one hour lunchbreak and spend most of it walking and looking, exploring and capturing urban treasures with my camera.  It's been a really eye-opening experience.

I find the back alleys so incredibly interesting.  The buildings of course are man-made.  Then they are covered by people's art... and there's this layer of weathering by mother nature.  It's quite interesting when you think about it.

I still work once a week at Handmade House as well.  Here's a few of the most recent work I brought in.  If you are interested in any of them, I ship anywhere.  Just email me to see if these are still available and i'l get back to you. ; )

Minis and my last of 6 frost threadpaintings from the Winter Light show.

My exhibited artwork at the Full Potential Health offices are all changed up for the new year!  I pulled out all my fine threadwork and filled the waiting room with available yarn embroideries.  It sure changes the feeling of the room with all the texture colour!  That's exciting.

Oh and then March is coming up.  It's always such a whirwind of a month.  I'm teaching 4 classes (sorry - all full).  I'm even booked for a adolescent boy's birthday party!  No kidding.  I'll be hauling in machines and we'll be threadpainting.  How great is that!?  I'll be preparing an exhibition with immigrant/refugee women that will be on display for the month of June.  I am really looking forward to this project!  : )

The end of march is Gardenscape time, and once again I'll be busy producing for that show as soon as I wrap up my latest commission.  I'll show you tomorrow!

Have a great day wherever you are.  It's raining here and the butterflies and ladybugs have been spotted.  !?!?!  Happy family day.

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