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* * * ArtWalk Weyburn SK - My art for sale at the Investors Group offices for July & August as part of a summer-long Fibre Art showcase & walking tour put together by Jaynie Himsl. I'm also part of Join the Thread at Signal Hill beginning July 2
* * * Dimensions 2015 - MacKenzie Art Gallery in Regina SK, now until August 16th, 2015. A selection of Saskatchewan Fine Craft juried by June Jacobs & Tom McFall. (Prairie City is part of this touring exhibition)

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Friday, 3 July 2015

A Whole Lot of Friday Finishes

It's Friday!  I am happily off to Handmade House.  I love working there!  It's the highlight of my week.  These minis have been fun to make - I always have a half dozen available there.  The fit in the palm of your hand at only a couple inches in size!

It's time!

The shows are on in Weyburn!  Fibre Art is alive and abundant there.  From yesterday until the end of August, that city is loaded with it.  Jaynie has everyone yarn bombing too since I left!  lol  Art Walk is up with all the folks involved at the many venues.  Check it out.  There are some super fabulous names listed there!

click to view larger

The group shows are all in place including Join the Thread at Signal Hill Arts Centre.  There are over fifty entries of 12x12" fibre art pieces at that location.  This is one of two that I put in to the show.  It's an art quilt!

Yeah!  I made some art quilts.  I made the first version of this for my good friend Kari who worked with me a couple summers ago.  Her piece is softer and a little more surreal, dreamy.  This one here has more solid colours and is quite vibrant.  I thought it would make a good eye-catching piece.  It's based on photos I took of a nearby herd a couple years ago.  I really adore the lone bison on the prairie.  In reality, there were fences and many, many of the huge beasts.

There you have it.
Have a great day!  If you do head to Weyburn or through Weyburn, spend some time.  You could make an entire day or two out of it I'm sure!  : )

Thursday, 2 July 2015

Things I Love Thursdays

I love Canada Day.  July 1st - we headed out for our annual floral photo hunt.  July 1st always seems loaded with flowers.  Even though we have had very little rain, I was surprised to see what I did!

Of course, the first to catch my eye were batches of Prairie Coneflowers.  It's pretty hard to walk past this on a trail and not break into a joyful smile!

Bergamot - oh how I love love love bergamot!  They were growing high up on a hill overlook the creek bed.

So darn pretty!  Here's a closer crop...

Aaaah - there's just something about purple.  I find it so soothing lately.

Deeper into the trails, I found these pretty pink and white bells on a shrub.  I'm not sure what they are but aren't they pretty!?

How do these flowers grow without water?  These next show-offs thrive on dry land.  Look at the big bursts of colour!

I'm so glad I finally took an entire day off with my family.  The bees and butterflies were quite happy - they were all over the place.  The wild roses are just finishing up.  The Blazing Stars are done.  But I found something interesting!  Here is Blue Flax.

And here is Yellow Flax.  !  I've heard of it but never happened upon any.  I love that they were so abundant for my treasure hunt.  : )  I happen to love the background in this next photo almost as much as the flowers that are focused on.

Had you noticed?  I had my big zoom lens on and the backgrounds gave the flowers such an interesting feel.  I'm so glad I brought the big camera.  I've been entirely lazy all year, snapping quick cell phone pics.  tsk tsk.

Here again is a really lovely crop of some Anemones growing in the wild.  (I have lots in my yard.)

And some bells - you tell me.  Everytime I name these, someone tells I'm wrong.  They are so special and so tender, aren't they?

Well there you go - I have lots more but I'll save them for Sunday.

I hope you had a  * * * HAPPY CANADA DAY * * * !!  xo  I'm so glad we went out to enjoy our little part of this big beautiful country.  Aren't we lucky!!?

Have a lovely Thursday,

Sunday, 28 June 2015

Sunday Snapshots

Driving home from Regina on a hot day in June...

DOWNPOUR!  This is me, pulled over because it was SO heavy that there was zero visibility and my vehicle was hydroplaning.  My camera is set on sports mode so you can see past the rain as it holds still in the air.  The image was also brightened so you can see as well.  IT WAS CRAZY.  (The cows just stood there and waited - see them on the right?)

I took several atttempts to get back on the road, thinking it lightened up but it did not.  LOTS of cars, trucks, and motorbikes were pulling off the highway onto sideroads to wait it out.

Finally I got my nerve and tried again.  We were under one big black thunderhead.  I drove for 30 seconds and was entirely out of it!  : )

THEN I had to pull over again to a side road to smell the flowers.  : )  Lush - and there were every colour.


 These were particularly lovely.

Up close in the sunshine.

I don't even think they got watered at all.  : )  Crazy weather.

Happy Sunday!

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