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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Saskatoon Modern Quilt Guild

Let's get them stitchin'!  This Sunday I will be speaking to the Saskatoon Modern Quilt Guild on the topic of Embroidery from a Modern Perspective.  It will be an interactive hour where I will provide inspirational eyecandy, technical information, and some hands-on experimentation combining stitch with modern fabrics / blocks.  I really look forward to meeting this group!  I've only seen modern quilt guild meeting photos on other people's blogs.  haha!  It will be really neat to visit with them in person.  (You mean they are real?)

You can learn more about the Saskatoon Modern Quilt Guild on their Facebook page or at the SaskatoonMQG website.

Guess what I just realized?  It has been one year since Mastering the Art of Embroidery landed on my doorstep.  Written by Sophie Long of the UK, many embroidery artists worldwide had their work included in these pages.  I was lucky to have quite a handful published in this amazing book.  Thanks and happy bookiversary to Sophie!

Monday, April 21, 2014

Bundle Of Butterflies

I was going to call this post 'bundle of nerves', but really it's a happy energy so we'll go with butterflies.  Today I'm sending in my three accepted entries to the Prairies show in Edmonton.  (Agh!  Just typing that made the butterflies flutter again!)  There are 9 categories and 84 entries.  My three will all be in the Original Design Surface Embroidery category.  I have two entirely hand stitched pieces and one of my 'trademark' (?) threadpaintings in the the show.

Here's one.

Where Sunlight Falls, 2014  (framed 12" x 22")   Click Image to View Larger

Here is two.

June Grasses, 2013  8x10"  (click image to view larger)

This is exciting!  The last time I was in a major juried competition was Quilt Canada 2012 with my Prairie Dress.  This is exciting.  I am also thrilled to be going there for opening night.  I will be attending as an entrant, but also as a curator.  I am on the hunt for a few more key pieces for the 2015 show I'm putting together.  This will be a busy weekend - it's my birthday (again!?  AGAIN!?) and I'll be teaching a super fun class in Edmonton.  On the way home, we'll celebrate a triple birthday for my daughter, my self, and my mother.  Last year I was in Winnipeg on my birthday.  Can you believe that was an entire year ago?  Manitoba was so awesome.

Here's three.  I'm not sure if you've seen this all dolled up.

Prairie City, 2014  framed to 12x22"  (click image to view larger)

Curious about the schedule for the Prairies Show?   I found this exhibition information on the Focus on Fibre Art Association website.

May 4 - 30 - Faculty of Extension Gallery - Enterprise Square, Edmonton.  Reception & Awards May 4th, 2014

May 4 to Aug 30 - Hallways Gallery 2nd floor - Enterprise Square.  (This is what they had written and I'm not sure the overlap in dates makes sense?  I will find out...)

Sept 2 to 30 - Gallery @ Pagemaster Publications, 11340 - 120 St Edmonton AB

October 2 - Nov 28 - DOW Centennial Centre, Fort Saskatchewan, AB,  The reception is Oct 2, 2014

As I do with the Dimensions schedule, I will have the info as part of a running header on this blog with current and upcoming events / classes / exhibits / sales that I am involved it.  You can also check the "Calendar of Event" tab to see the whole year.

In the mean time, Michael and I are rolling right along with the renovations.  I'm sorting my old space and he's framing in more of the new.  I bought lights for my studio.  !  (Insert one happy little butterfly.)  I have the good ceiling lights, but I bought party lights too.  I found little white lights on a white strand in a wedding decoration section of a shop.  They are PERFECT.  The ones in my current studio space burned out.  How fitting is that!?

With the upcoming change come so many ideas.  * * * more butterflies! * * *    I have ideas for decorating.  I have ideas for creative classes.  I have ideas for open studio celebrations.  I have ideas...   and everything is falling into place quite easily so I know it's meant to be.  Furnishings, counters, repurposed doors & pegboards that my husband has extras from his shop, lights, and I even came across the perfect paint colours in the mistints section of a paint store for cheap.  (Always go for the mistints first.)  It's so SWEET!  Just when we were starting to feeling like this house wasn't a good fit anymore, we suddenly fell in love with the space all over again seeing it from a new point of view.  The family space that will be freed up on the main floor will be incredible.

Since this new studio won't be done until the fall, here's some news.  Back by popular demand, I WILL be teaching Threadpainting 101 in a few weeks at Creative House.  Yes!  Creative House Sewing Centre!  They are still there while they are up for sale selling fabric and Wonderfil threads, but no machines anymore.  Send me an email to Monika @ My Sweet Prairie .ca  if you are interested in signing up.  It will be a 4 hr class during the day and there is room for a couple more people.  I am keeping the class size small so there can be more one-to-one instruction.  If you can't make it, just hold on until the fall.

There are a few more surprises up my sleeve but you'll just have to keep watching, reading, & listening.  Oooooh!  - > BIG HINT there.  See you soon, and WELCOME to all the new people dropping in & saying hello!  It is great to have you here.

WHEW!  Now I think I'm all caught up.  : )

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Sunday Snapshots

Ah!  It is so nice to be spending long hours outside again.  We were still enjoying SPRINTER all week.  It's the affectionate term for spring that keeps looking like winter.

I adore this photo!!  : )

I notice some people wondering when spring is about to arrive.  I don't know.  In my mind, this IS spring.  It is the strange blustery cool days between winter and summer.

No green yet...  the fields are yellow and the trees still hold least year's autumn leaves.

There are buds on some trees.  The skies are looking pretty springy.  It'll come.  Hang in there.

And then it looked a little more like Winter again.  We had a big dump of snow.  It was warm and wet and sticky.


Lost of my friends posted photos on facebook of giant snow bunny sculptures in their front yards instead of snowmen.  Hilarious!  Some were six feet tall!  I stayed in working on my studio, but the kids had a blast.

I love you too !  xo

And once again, it is looking more like spring.  No buds on our trees yet, but I spied a robin in the top of ours lastnight!  WOW.  Once I got the camera, she was gone.  You'll just have to trust me on that one.

evening sun

Happy Sunday.  Happy Easter!  Happy 'kids are home for ten days' as well.  It's kind of ironic how in Saskatchewan we get February (semester) break and Easter break.  It's like spring break, and second spring break.  haha!  Had you ever thought of it that way?  ; )

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