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Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Save the Date! There's Twice the Fun!

I am looking forward to Saturday, October 17th very much.  Check it out!

I am so there.  I love lining up in the morning and poking around through all the supplies there.  If you are unable to attend, you can donate a couple days before that.  It's great incentive to destash and help out a good cause.

Later that day...

YAY!  I am really excited to host another open studio.  It wasn't too busy but steady all day last year.  Again, I will have art for sale, from $ to $$$ and everything in between.  I will have cards, threadpaintings, snowglobes, hand embroidery, some prairie postcards too.  There's a good chance my children will greet you with their own handmade sale.  My 9 yr old makes earrings, and my 12 yr old makes leather crafts.  I'll be sure to leave out a guest comment book if you'd like to offer kind words in lieu of shopping.  We'll have munchies and bubbly, coffee and tea, smiles and hugs and music too.  You are welcome to pop in any time between 1pm and 8 pm.

We hope to see you!

Thursday, 1 October 2015

Things I Love Thursday

Yes - the moon.  She was lovely as always.  Like most others with a camera, I snapped my own images of her from the deck of my home.  The night was clear and the timing was great.  My kids were out in the backyard enjoying with me.

I love that the days are still warm.  We've had a few warm nights still and were able to sleep with the windows open, though the colours continue to change with the season.

That is the tree over my back deck.  I do love the yellow so very much, especially when it's illuminated in the light!  Many trees are still green.  A few are bare since the last big wind.  This next one from Sutherland Beach is so great - look how much space it takes up!  It's my son's favourite.  He stopped in his tracks to say, 'WOAH.  LOOK at that tree!'

The paths at that off leash park are so gorgeous and a tad spooky.  I love being able to look past the gnarly dark branches to see sunlit areas.  It's like mini tree forts for little ones.

It's not just the trees... but the grasses change colour too.  I love when I find orange and red grasses in the natural parks.  They are so beautiful and they glow when the sun hits them.  This batch looked pretty at the top of a retaining wall along a path.

Okay, one more photo!  This bush is great - the leaves look like coins from a way back: red and gold and burgundy and yellow spots of colour.

Isn't that lovely!?  What a great September it has been.  Happy October, and Happy Thursday to you!  : )

Tuesday, 29 September 2015

New Embroideries

I've been stitching and working at Handmade House and stitching and working at Handmade House.  I took a big plunge into more yarn embroideries.  After hanging out with the painters, I really wanted to push myself with the yarns and approach it like painting.  I had some variegated balls of yarn and took them apart, winding and twisting them into smaller skeins.  Then I had them all out before me and slowly put some pieces together based on some favourite images of mine.

September Winds, 2015

I finished off several in the last week.  They aren't framed.  I'm not sure what I'll do them.  Isn't that always the dilemma!?  Still, they were a wonderful personal challenge.  I did my best to keep it loose and chunky, and not get to perfect.  I really like how colourful they are!

Avens, 2015

Those pink blobs are from a photo I took at my friend Bernie's.  They open up into fluffs called, 'Prairie Smoke'.  The whole patch of them give the impression of smoke on the ground.  I'm not sure you can make it out.  I've been keeping this photo for a couple years now, waiting for the right moment.  This seemed like it.  The embroidery is busy, but I like it.  On the black background, it feels like an oil pastel.

The last one I want to show you was from a grove at Bridget's acreage.  We were standing on the hill taking in the big view when I looked down into the trees and say the yellow just glowing in the shadows!  I loved it so much.  And so...  I stitched it.

The blue/periwinkle blobs are meant to represent asters.  I wasn't planning on putting them in, but I think it really added to bring the piece to life.  These are all small, likely as big as you see them on your screen.   Well... whether you like them or not, they were a terrific experience for me.  Each blended streak of yarn just stitched itself out like a brushstroke thick with paints.  Let me know what you think, and maybe I'll show you more.  ; )

Always a work in progress!

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