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Thursday, September 18, 2014

Things I Love Thursday

I love the work of Michelle Kingdom. (click to link)  I found her on Flickr.  I can't stop loving her work.

In fact, I adore her embroideries so much, that one day... I asked her if I could be in one of them.  Her work is like out of a dream: quirky, sometimes quite strange, incredibly intriguing, intricate, and exceptionally creative.  I honestly don't know how she does it.

She said yes.

And then she began to sketch.  And then she began to stitch.

Ever since I made that Prairie Dress, I have wanted a picture of me in a field of prairie flowers.  I never thought about having it embroidered!

I LOVE - ADORE - CHERISH IT, and will forever.  Michelle Kingdom - you are a star *

You can see more of Michelle Kingdom here on her website

HAPPY THURSDAY - I am in heaven!

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Young At Art - Saturdays in Saskatoon

As promised, here is the information about the Saskatoon Children's Discovery Museum Young at Art program.  There are visiting artist every Saturday until the end of November.  Each Saturday, children 5 to 10 can participate in a 1 hour activity to create art - from water colour resist to felting, clay to embroidery (that would be me), puppet making to face painting lessons.  It's very affordable at $3.75 per class.  Parents are invited to stay.  You can sign up at Pic-a-Tic here.  You can also show up the day-of and see what time slots are available.  They just started the sessions this past weekend and it sounds like a lot of fun and experimentation.

Find them on Facebook to see more images of the recent art : )

I will be wayyyy at the end on November 15th.  There are five 1-hour slots throughout the day with a maximum of 20 spots each hour.  I'll be leading children through some fabric collage and hand embroidery.  We'll be constructing art flags to string along like a bunting banner that can remain on display at the Museum.  This is the organization that will be moving into the available Mendel Art Gallery space in a couple years.  Maybe these art flags will hang there in the future!  I think they will be very pretty.  Children are welcome to take home their project or make 2.  I'll also have some experimental on site fibre art projects like a Yarn Bombing and hopefully a tapestry table too.  Good for all ages!

yes - i stole this image.  this is a mini example of what we'll be doing.  Ours will be 6x8"

So - the flag project is based on traditional Tibetan prayer flags.  I'm not Buddhist or pushing any particular religion.  A lot of Fibre Artists really appreciate the idea of this though.  I think it's a beautiful idea - like journaling onto cloth.  It's a vision board on fabric.  It's putting your hopes and wishes out there - making them known.  I think it will create a beautiful energy, but also be beautiful visually as a group project.  It's very experimental.  Children can stitch whatever is important to them onto their cloths.  There will be lots of colours, fabrics, and embellishments to work with.  I'll have what we call, 'kid needles' that are larger and blunt so no one gets hurt.

royalty free image... the inspiration to the project.

Not sure what a yarn bombing is?  Check this out...  Bus and Bike

Although the children may not be knitting and crocheting, they can still tie and wrap and add beauty to the mundane.  I can't wait to see what they do with my bicycle!  : )  Maybe we'll add a rocking chair too...

I can't wait to meeting new small people and watch how creative they get with strings and fabrics and colours.  I'm sure they'll knock my socks off!  : )  Thank you to the Saskatchewan Arts Board for sponsoring the artists in this program, and thank you to the CDM for such a great opportunity for kids and artists alike.

Monday, September 15, 2014

New Studio News

Well, if you can believe it: sore throats and sneezes abound.  I suppose it comes with the start of the school year and the end of the summer.  That pretty much brings everything to a snail's pace.  Still, we press on.  My super amazing husband got my studio floor in!!  xo

It is done, done, done, and it is so darn gorgeous.  We have moved on to picking up trim and baseboards and getting them all painted up.  I did most of it outside.  My daughter worked in the studio on Sunday afternoon.

She loves to paint.

Don't you love the light??  I love the light.

Everyone is so impressed with how pretty this space is turning out to be.  We can't even remember what it used to look like.

So, now my husband is working on the door frames for the double French entry doors.  The baseboards will go in really quick.  We still have some lighting and the entry room ceiling as well.  Clearly - we are nearing the finish line though!!  Oh it feels SO good.  It keeps getting me all teary eyed.

I couldn't help myself.  I had to move in a little.  Just a little.  I have a lamp, a couple of dressers, and a table & chair where I have my laptop set up.

I've moved in some plants that I know will do just fine.  And for now, I'm keeping the purple.  It's pretty subtle.  One of my readers mentioned it's considered a 'neutral' when it comes to interior decorating.  At this point, I have to say I agree.  Art looks really wonderful on these walls.  I have one large wall left that's all white - my 'gallery wall'.  I'm not sure if I'll leave it or not.  It looks so darn stark, but perhaps it will be great to hang new work on.  My purple walls will be for the art that is mine, that I am not selling or that I have purchased for my special space.

Oooh I'm so excited!  I thought this end would never come.  So... what do you think!?  : )  Will you come visit?

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