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Sunday, 2 August 2015

Sunday Snapshots

Happy August Long!  : )  It's a beautiful summer!  There are no mosquitoes - have I mentioned that too much?  It's amazing to sit outside at night and not be covered in chemicals to avoid being eaten alive.  And so we are out a lot this year, at all times of the day.  I headed to Jackfish Lake to pick up my youngest boy.  He's stayed a whole week there alone with my mom.  Let me tell you, he did not want to leave.  He chopped a tree down, he learned to light fires in the wood stove, he gardened, he cooked, he baked, he bbqd - all on his own.  It totally wasn't babysitting for her.  He worked and worked and worked because he loves to.  Then we came out with a birthday gift from the other grandparents - the boat he's wanted forever.  (Next on his list is a motorbike of course...)

Isn't that sweet?  I love the way the my camera caught this - he looks like a little black ink drawing from a storybook.

We packed up after a couple hours at the beach and drove home.  Of course, I took a few detours.  : )

THIS is right beside the farmhouse I grew up in.  We stood by the ditch and just watched.  There was a beautiful breeze that swirled and came in little bursts.  My daughter and I took videos of it moving.  I put one on my instagram account (Monika-Kinner) and I could watch it over and over.  It's so mesmerizing.  It's like the land is alive and breathing.

I didn't get as many photos as I had hoped because we had some melt downs in the van (whyyyy can't everyone just be happy????).  lol  But that photo above was a good reason to pull over - it was SO purple.  Everything glowed purple.  The sun was going down behind us as I headed back to Saskatoon.  We got to enjoy the moon rise.  It was so big!  So big!  It's amazing how fast it shrinks as it rises.

Facing the opposite way, we saw the last light of the sun before it turned dark.  It's always such a lovely ride.  The kids don't watch videos - they just stare out the window and watch the scenery as it transforms.  It's a beautiful show!  : )

Have a great long weekend / Saskatchewan day.  Don't forget to stop and smell the flowers.

Happy Sunday,

Wednesday, 29 July 2015

That's a Good Question.

Where did I go?  I haven't blogged in 10 days.  THAT is a record.  Where did I go?  I don't really have an answer for you.  I didn't really go anywhere.  Oh wait - I did go over to Instagram.  Gee, talk about instant gratification.  Maybe they should call it InstaGrat.  I thought Facebook was wonderful for being seen.  Aside from being another time waster, I don't mind instagram too much since you can highly edit your images.  Often people post grainy or dark or sepia versions of their photos.  I think it's often dark.. but yikes!  It sure is popular.  Unfortunately, most everyone there has a weird, unrecognizable name.  I do not.  My name there is Monika_Kinner.  It wouldn't take the hyphenated last name, and so that's as far as I got when I logged in.  I'm not leaving blogger, but boy have things changed.  Flickr and Blogger are really losing viewers.  When you post a pic of your work and get 50 to 2000 likes on FB or IG, well... it's addictive.  Click - BING!  It's up on the web and hearts pour in...

Image with Instagram filters...

As usual, I've been making mini prairie threadpaintings for Handmade House, where I am still fully enjoying my time there.  I am excited to work three shifts (Fri, Tues, Fri) in the next ten days because the FRINGE Festival has rolled into town!  : )  Even after I moved away from Saskatoon, I always came back for the Fringe.  It's busking and street performers and plays and skits and music and crafts and food late into the night for over a week, right there on Broadway.  !!  : )

I've been stitching away to finish some more pieces for the grant project.  I am nearly finished another moon.  I want to say, 'Prairie Moon' which isn't really fair since the moon is seen everywhere...  But as a prairie dweller, there's a close relationship with all aspects of the big, unrestricted sky.  Sometimes at night, there is nothing to look at but beautiful Luna.  So, here is my 'Blue Moon' in progress.

The Blue Moon is just a name for the second full moon in one calendar month.  It isn't really blue, but I wanted it to be.  So here it is... it's taken days to make all these eyelet stitches.  I'm so close to being done.  The hoop is quite big.  The yarns are everything from acrylic to cotton to silk.  Some sparkle!

Now I have a natural moon, a honey moon, a blood moon, and this blue moon.  There are many mroe to come... and they are all different sizes too!

I've been really into blue lately.  While dropping off art on Monday to Handmade House, I decided I couldn't stand it anymore.  I LOVE this bowl so much, and so I made it mine.

When I look at this bowl, I see a familiar landscape.  All my life, I've driven over that hill north of North Battleford, where all of a sudden everyone in the vehicle exclaims, "I SEE THE LAKE!".  It's Jackfish Lake where I grew up.  This bowl represents that point where you get to the top of the hill and can see that huge lake.  In the 70's when we didn't have air conditioned vehicles, we practically cried it out, laughing at the same time.  The outside of the blow reminds me of the farmers' land... and then up at the very top, it's water.  It's hugely comforting for me to see this bowl, and so I keep it on my sewing table.  Perhaps it will collect clippings of yarn?

*** May it never break ***

I think my summer will continue to be intermittent when it comes to blogging.  I'm getting lots done, and going to make some trips out to the cabin soon.  I hope you are enjoying your summer.

p.s.  Have you been to Weyburn?  What did you think about all the fibre art exhibitions?  Maybe I'll see you on Instagram.

Sunday, 19 July 2015

Sunday Snapshots

I am so refueled - captured so many beauties in just a short period of time.  I went out for a little visit to my friend Patti's.  It was the perfect day!  She lives on a very high point and you can see so far!

looks like we could sled down it in the winter, but it's really not that sloped

It didn't look like she was home, so we drove a little further and took the dog for a run.  LOVE this picture!  Look at that!  Yellow, Green, Blue!

Then back to Patti's.  My kids love to feed her horses.  Isn't this a lovely photo!  I have it blown up really huge on my monitor.  I love the focus on my daughter as she gathers hay, and then the blur of the fields down below.

The Saskatoon berries are ridiculously abundant and so, so blue!  I've never seen them like this.

Lucky for me - I took that photo while the wind was whipping, and I managed a clear shot from fairly far away.  Something was blowing in.  We were loosing steam and decided to head for home.

Above: I must threadpaint this.  The clouds - oh it looks so fake!  I love all the varieties of only green and blue.

Below: I must threadpaint that.  The purple blowing about is so darn pretty!  I love the windiness of that image.  It's so me.  If I stitch that, I just might have to keep it for myself.

Happy Sunday to you!

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